escrow: buy a home in tuscany

Something you really need to know before engaging in this purchase: Tuscany is not a place of the soul. Tuscany is just a Region of Italy. 
Italian Regions are very similar to US States, they have got their own Parliaments, Governors, etc. The only difference is that US States are sometimes (not always) larger. US have got 50 States, Italy (which is smaller) is composed by 20  Regions, instead, with their own legislative, and administrative powers. Therefore, if you really want to buy a house in Tuscany, be prepared to pay 20 to 30% more than anywhere else in this Country (except Capri, Venice, Taormina and the Lake of Como, perhaps). If you are dreaming of a home in Central Italy -where Tuscany is located- s.a. in Umbria, either the North of Latium, or the West of Marche, the South of Emilia-Romagna and so on (which are all as beautiful as Tuscany) you can save tens of thousands, and sometimes hundreds of thousands dollars. Could you figure? 
Some practical issues, now.
When you decide to settle by us, perhaps in the land of your ancestors, you will find out that Italians are not easy at all. We are extremely cheerful apparently though formal and ceremonious at the same time, and easy to get offended by foreign biases, Laws are complicated, nobody seem to be in charge and above all: everything is a bit convoluted. You must always prove that you IS you: to the Administration, the Police, a Public Notary etc. On the other hand: this is the place where the idea of elegance was born, where the food is simple though excellent and cheap, where Art is Divine, the People are special, the wine and the sun and the sea and the country are certainly among the best in the world. This having been considered, you really want a house in Tuscany (or in the nearbyes, which is the same, as we said) and you start checking on the internet, and when you have found the house of your dreams you contact tha agent. "5000,00 bucks will be the minimum sum necessary just to make an offer" you now tell your wife/husband. 
What do you do? Will you send 5000,00 $ to a perfect stranger in Italy? Will you ask an International Law Office (mimimum 15000,00 fees retainer?): no, you will probably let it go. Not to mention the final contract which is doubled, in fact, due to a peculiarity of the Italian law. 
Thus, to do it yourself, you will need to travel at least 6 times to Italy. Not to mention the language issue (as good as your Italian may be).
Through this Office instead, you will find an efficient escrow agent to pay for you the sum needed, and talk to the seller and the Estate Agency: for a very transparent, affordable fee.
We also have mother tongue's Agents in London: further, and above all, any complaint would lead us to an immediate cancellation from the list of recommended US Embassy's law firms: which is really not the case.  Ask for a free advice.